In the 20th Century, we preserved the land. In the 21st, let’s restore it.

What will it take?

Goal 4-1

The Next Century Conservation Plan calls for transforming the Forest Preserves to places that foster diversity of plants, animals and habitats and welcome diverse people. It will require expert conservation leadership and a major infusion of new resources to:

  • Double the acreage currently being restored to attain 30,000 acres in good or excellent ecological health.
  • Expand the Forest Preserves to 90,000 acres, from the current 69,000.
  • Allocate, raise and invest $40 million a year – eight times the current investment – for nature restoration and stewardship.
  • Create a permanent conservation corps to train a restoration workforce.
  • Dramatically increase the number of volunteer stewards.
  • Make the preserves inviting and accessible to everyone.


Mission acquire and hold lands…for the purpose of protecting and preserving the flora, fauna and scenic beauties…in their natural state…for the purpose of the education, pleasure and recreation of the public.  (1913 Enabling Legislation)