In the 20th Century, we preserved the land. In the 21st, let’s restore it.

Operational Plans

The Next Century Conservation Plan is meant to inspire and guide long-range decision making and resource allocation. It complements and builds upon operational plans for the Forest Preserves, which address specific issues and provide more detailed recommendations.

Gateway Master Plan (2016)
Identifies critical areas for conservation and future opportunities for restoration, and assesses resource needs.

Natural and Cultural Resources Master Plan (2015)
A look at the role of gateways—signature sites that should be promoted as destinations to visitors—throughout our preserves.

Trail Master Plan (2014)
The overarching goal of the Trail Master Plan is to improve the user experience and identify opportunities to ensure a safe and easy-to-navigate trail system

Recreation Master Plan (2013)
Provides a blueprint for enhancing existing recreation opportunities and identifying new ones compatible with the Forest Preserves’  mission.

Land Acquisition Plan (2012)
Updates the 1994 Land Acquisition Plan with geographic information and policies that will help the Forest Preserves’ identify, evaluate, acquire and manage strategic acquisition of properties that will fill in gaps and strengthen the District’s system of protected land.

Camping Master Plan (2012)
Plans improvements to the Forest Preserves’ campground system over the next 10 to 20 years, identifying priority sites for funding and opportunities for expansion.

Sustainability Doctrine (2010)
Defines standards by which the Forest Preserves’ practices can be assessed for their impact on the sustainability of local environments, specifically the Forest Preserves lands.