In the 20th Century, we preserved the land. In the 21st, let’s restore it.

Wendy Paulson

President, Bobolink Foundation

Wendy Paulson holds numerous leadership positions within the local and international conservation communities.  She is Chairman of the Bobolink Foundation, which supports conservation efforts.  Additionally, Wendy holds or has held leadership positions with Rare, the Student Conservation Association, the National Forum on Children & Nature, the American Bird Conservancy, BirdLife International/Audubon U.S. and the Illinois, New York and National boards of the The Nature Conservancy.  Locally, Wendy is on the board of Openlands and the Field Museum’s Science Action committee.  A long-time educator, she has taught public school in Boston, New York and Barrington, Illinois, as well as at the Potomac School in Virginia.  She serves as education associate at the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, has written a nature activity series for children and edited a conservation newsletter for many years.  Wendy is a long-time participant in prairie and savanna restoration, and has been leading bird walks for more than 30 years. Wendy served as co-chair of the Next Century Plan Commission. About the Plan